Sweet Corruption

It’s been way too long, so I pulled this out of the archives. This was a creative response to the Lannan Symposium held at Georgetown University (*gulp, ugly crying face* my alma mater) a few months ago. The theme was In Nature’s Wake, or how human beings are horrible to our own environment.  New things to come…and a lot of exciting news!

There are some things that are much too easy to ruin. Too fragile, too helpless, like you. My attempts to help you heal were empty, knitting crumbling moth wings together with silk thread, washing away oil spills with a dropper full of morning dew, using cotton wool to patch up the gaping wound exposing our souls to an impending inferno. It is too easy to hurt you, so delicate you are. And yet I go on, pin pricks on the skin underneath your nails, ripping thin membranes that separate blood and vein from wind and dirt. Flower petals crushed between unwieldy fingers, and all that remains is the faint scent of nectar, and life that has come to an abrupt end.

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