Inspiration for Days

It has been very quiet on the blog front these days, but I can assure you that I’ve been writing! In case you were not aware, it’s National Poetry Month! I’ve been writing one poem or piece of flash fiction a day and posting on my Instagram and Facebook profiles, until the other day when I had a huge brainwave that made me stop and think…I realized I should probably stop spamming people and use my personal blog instead! I’m a few days behind but I’m trying to catch up because I’ve been neglecting my writing and that’s not ok, to say the very least. Here are some of my favorites from the month so far!


Day 5

I used to cast a shadow that floated on air a few inches above the ground, carefree and upward-bound.

Then fingernails filed to a point and dipped in poison scratched the feeble skin on my neck.

The rot began its reign, mingling with the naïve hope nestling in my chest.

My shadow started to droop at the edges, weighed down by the burden of an insincere heart and the memory of ancestral sin,

sagging with the knowledge of never-will-you-be-worthy.

Not today, though. Today I am the air itself-

Day 8

I want this to bring back Sunday morning memories, cartoons before church and new socks still crisp from the packet.

Let these words be an ice cube melting  on the inside of your cheek, tickling your gums and the tip of your tongue.

I want to be 4pm on your day off, when everything is tinted orange and ants march on and away from our picnic blanket, carrying their war spoils of crumbs and the words we should have swallowed.

Day 14

De-throning La Reine de Saba

Do not tell me that I was born already fitted with the equipment to manufacture civilizations.

That would mean I am also responsible for the war machine.

Do not sing my praises. Please lay down your flutes and harps. Take back this crown of jagged nails.

They look too much like the sharp edge that grazed my throat the other day.

I have vanished and you do not care.

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