Hunting Game

Image source: USAToday
Image source: USA Today

I guess it’s time we separate “fact from fiction”.
Fact: The American justice system is fair and equal in its treatment of all individuals. This is a reality. It is as real as the purple pegasus I just saw flying over my head neighing with glee, Mardi Gras beads swinging from it’s neck. I even think the neighing translated into: “Darren Wilson is innocent.”

Fiction: The American justice system is fair and equal in its treatment of all individuals.

I had to come out of my day-old hiatus because Darren Wilson hasn’t been indicted, and I’m sitting in a public study space waiting for a huge crack to appear in the ground, or for the ceiling to crumble and fall on all of us here. Or maybe for the voice of God to echo off the walls? Anything- so we can all stop pretending this is normal. Or maybe the fact that life goes on is the most appropriate reaction at present, because this has become normal. I won’t apologize for rambling. The point is, we should all be wishing for the sky to fall right now. We should all care. Even those whose children will never have to know Mike Brown’s name.

Neither eloquent poetry, nor well-constructed lines of prose are enough to convey the impact of your actions. In fact, your corruption isn’t worthy of being immortalized through these noble art forms. Instead, here are a few directives you might want to take into consideration; the public is aware that a thorough stakeout…I meant investigation, takes time. In the meantime, should we spill some blood in an ancestral ritual to ensure that the dead are sent to a less tumultuous place? Or sprinkle it over everything; letting it settle on the reports and evaluations and statements, signed and banished to the dark recesses of a municipal building basement? Are we expected to watch in silence as it seeps into the scorching tar where it fell, stewing like the remnants of slaughtered prey, evidence of another successful day on the prowl?

You earned your fatigues, your hunter’s honor; you were certain this…

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