The Storyteller

Hi all!

I owe you a HUGE apology for disappearing off this blog for the past few weeks (or possibly months). If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably guessed that school has started! Not a good enough excuse? How about this; I’ve been working on  a couple of different (and really exciting) things that I’ll probably be sharing with you in the next few weeks!  Here’s one of them:

The Georgetown Stories Project will be following a year in the life of 11 students, including myself, as we fail to get enough sleep, skip between triumphs and failures, and generally show ourselves to be the interesting (a)typical Georgetown students that we are! Storytelling (or writing reality as the case may be) is an incredibly important part of my life, and I’m so excited to do that through a different medium. I also want to apologize in advance to my roommates and friends who will end up being filmed and photographed to the point where they are ready to throw my phone on some train tracks. Or to just stop being friends with me altogether.

I promise some new work is on the way!

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