Real Life

Little chocolate button babies

With impossibly round cheeks and the deepest dimples

Eyes gleaming with expectation

Eagerly awaiting their birth

They’ve been waiting so long they didn’t realize

That they’ve been born and re-born

a hundred times

in the confused dreams of a

mediocre daughter, friend

roommate, girlfriend what are you

even good at?

How quaint

You thought yours was a made-for-TV love story

A happy ending

The biggest present on Christmas morning

Wrapped in a giant bow

A teenage romance wrapped up in a giant white wedding

It’s pathetic really

You expected wooden floors and French windows

And a fluffy bed with immaculate Egyptian cotton sheets

-Saturday morning heaven

You expected God to smile down on this union

For your two souls to dance happily into the sunset

I’m sorry to disappoint you

Actually I’m not

This is real life.

And in real life,

You serve your heart to someone

Garnished with your sanity and your rationality

“Meh it’s just alright” maybe it’s better than that

Maybe it’s the best thing I’ve ever had but I’m not going to tell you

What’s the point?

In real life,

You nudge the love of your short, insignificant life a tiny bit further away everyday

Because you constantly want him to prove something else to you

On your terms of course

Everyone’s a poet right?

Little chocolate button babies melt

In the heat of your unnecessary passion and the frustration

Of the victims of your uncontrollable emotions.

Bye babies, not in this life.

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