Add me to your collection

Put me on a dusty bookshelf in an office stinking of cigarette smoke

Push me to the bottom of a mold-infested trunk

Rip out my pages and sprinkle me over a funeral pyre

Add me to your collection

Break and bruise my spine

Drown my wealth in the kerosene of greed and condescension and set it ablaze.

Tell everyone “There’s nothing worth seeing, move on”


Make me believe it too

Smudge the ink on my pages

So I too buy into your secondhand lies; like there’s nothing worth knowing.

Let the termites eat away at my history

So all I find is a tattered net of forgotten dreams and

once great men grabbing at first-world coat-tails.

Add me to your collection

Trade my fireside tales for a pair of shoes (for charity of course) and a call to action

Tell me to let go, move on


Add me to your collection

Of bitter bureaucrats and crumbling bungalows in a struggling city.

Grind my story into dust beneath your heavy boot, it is done.


*The revolution has been colonized*

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