How to Hate Yourself (the guide for hopeless girls)

Look into every mirror, and glass door and car window

Longing more each time to meet a different reflection


Fail to recognize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, focusing instead on all your factory flaws

*This product has been recalled due to faulty design*


Make sure to drag your feet and hunch your shoulders,

Keep your inadequacy close to your heart in the hollow created by your rounded back


Construct a metal fence around your heart, a maximum-security fortress

With broken shards of glass and needles at the top, and a 1000 raging pit bulls below

So that anyone who thinks himself brave enough will flee in terror at the hell contained behind those walls.


Let every sharp sideways glance and every acidic comment

Overheard in dingy hallways sear your skin and pierce through tissue and bone

Allow it to settle at the bottom of your soul

To fester


Believe that your absolute best will never be good enough

And that there is no point fighting the uphill battle we call

“making an effort” or “using your talent”


Always remember, you are worthless

Worth LESS

Worth less than the very dirt you trudge through,

Fore even that sprouts life when the season is right.


Above all, just carry on being you.

The downtrodden wallflower that you are and always shall be.

Isn’t that terrible enough?

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